There are many people on our team that help make Wrapunzel what it is today – a incredible hub that strives to inspire happiness through the art of hair wrapping.  We can’t even begin to mention all our contributors here!  Our designers and seamstresses, our models, the moderators on the fangroup, our photographers, graphic designers, shleppers, our helpful, supportive husbands that put up with all the insanity… we are so grateful!  One day we hope to have a page that properly gives thanks to everyone, but for now here are the ladies that work as a part of the Wrapunzel Team daily!

Andrea Bio Pic

Andrea – Owner & Founder

Andrea is an intuitive spiritual seeker with an easy laugh. You will even be comfortable answering her trademark question, “What do you live for?” She is a passionate, professional cellist, and loves teaching and performing.  She is a Co-Founder/Assistant Director of both The Baltimore Bows and Chamber Encounters.  From day one of covering her hair, she’s been a pioneer for creative women around the world, unwrapping the mystery of beautiful scarf tying.  When not hanging out at Wrapunzel HQ or playing music, you may find her behind the pages of a good fantasy novel, cooking and hosting epic Shabbat dinners, dancing to trance music, or most likely cuddling with her adorable husband and sons.

Laila Bio Pic

Laila – Director of Business Management and Marketing

Laila handles all things business in the Wrapunzel world, and works hard to spread the word about Wrapunzel to all the places it’s needed! She manages to keep everything extremely organized and professional, while also raising our spirits with her contagious laugh and crazy stories. She’s a devoted wife and mother of twins! When not immersed in the Wrapunzel universe, she enjoys spending her time with them, and occasionally hiding under the covers with a good book. One day, she hopes to have time to sit down and write a bucket list.

Naomi Bio PIc

Naomi Rose – Creative Director

Naomi Rose is the creative whiz behind Wrapunzel, specializing in writing, design and online content.  Apart from inventing names and descriptions for Wrapunzel’s scarves, kits and accessories, Naomi’s touch can be seen in the aesthetics of Wrapunzel’s logo, website and materials. She is a conservatory-trained classical clarinetist married to a violinist, and spends time freelancing as a musician whenever possible. Between all the practicing and her toddler son (who already has his own toy piano), she is grateful to have understanding neighbors. She loves sound, color, and words, in any combination.

Yehudis Bio PIc

Yehudis – Photography and Communications

Yehudis is the talent behind the camera that captures Wrapunzel’s gorgeous model and product shots!  She also works on digital content and optimization for our website and YouTube channel. Yehudis loves to travel and has visited 33 US states – she’s hoping to make it to all 50, so be sure to invite her over! In addition to her fabulous sewing and textile design skills, she loves learning new things. You might find her teaching herself programming, graphic design, painting, or even carpentry. She also makes a killer dairy-free ice cream.

Rivka Bio Pic

Rivka – Stockroom Manager

Rivka keeps our stockroom and products in tip-top shape, and packs and ships orders with utmost precision! She’s married with five children – four sons and a daughter. Her very favorite place is The Marin Headlands overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. She has the good fortune of being raised in Marin County. When not Wrapunzeling, she loves gardening, ceramics and genealogy.

Miryam Bio Pic

Miryam – Tech Support

Miryam is the hidden face behind Wrapunzel’s online presence. When she’s not knee deep in computer code you can find her caring for her menagerie of exotic pets and darling children — although truth be told she’d prefer that you find her at Walt Disney World. Her original calling was in education and she has remained on that path educating students young and old in topics of Judaism the world round from China to Russia to right next door. You’ll usually find her wearing purple.

Tzila Bio

Tzila – Packing Team

Tzila puts love and energy into every Wrapunzel package! She enjoys reading customer comments and making wishes come true (need JUST the right sari scarf? She’s your girl!). You’ll also recognize her lovely blue eyes from her tichel modeling for the store and Facebook page. Tzila is widely known for her empathy and caring, and she brings so much warmth and friendliness to Wrapunzel HQ! A former Girl Scout, Tzila loves cooking, being outdoors, and any kind of artistic project. When she’s not at Wrapunzel, look for her behind the pages of a favorite book, in the kitchen making something special, or painting pottery with her family and friends.

Shari bio pic - Wrapunzel

Shari – Customer Service

Over plentiful pots of delicious stews and sauces, you can find our customer service assistant Shari singing away! Classically trained as a soprano, Shari adores all things music, especially listening to (or participating in!) live performances. A native of Long Island, she’s also a fan of international travel and culture and finds inspiration in the colors of the world around her. Shari brings her positivity and inspiration with her every day to work as she writes thoughtful responses to Wrapunzelistas worldwide! She also helps keep our headquarters in tip-top shape and is committed to making it a great place to work (or shop)! Her goal is for every Wrapunzel experience to end in smiles all around.