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**IMPORTANT: This Subscription must be ordered separately from anything else. Please ensure that when subscribing to the Scarf of the Month, that it is the only thing in your shopping cart. If you are ordering other items as well, please place a separate order. Due to the way our site processes orders, subscriptions must be ordered separately in order to send monthly.**

A special surprise, delivered to you each month! Never before have we launched a project that’s been in such demand – for years, ladies have asked us for a Wrapunzel-style subscription service, and here it is! We are so excited to introduce Wrapunzel’s Scarf of the Month Subscription! For just $25/month, a limited-edition Wrapunzel scarf and complimentary accessories will be delivered to you. These gorgeous hand-picked items are exclusive and ONLY available to subscribers. You will love the excitement of receiving your mystery package, full of wrapping magic – we can’t wait to send them out!

To see how the subscription works, check out the full description below.

Remember: these MUST be ordered individually with nothing else in your cart!


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  1. Choose your billing method!
    – For recurrent payments – highly recommended for your convenience – choose “PayPal Express Checkout”. You need to have a PayPal account to choose this option.  We recommend this option so that your order is processed and sent to you each month without any extra steps needed from your end.
    – To pay manually each month, use the “PayPal/Credit Card” option at checkout. An invoice will be sent to you monthly with a “Pay Now” button which will take you to our website so you can complete the payment. If no payment is received within 10 days, your subscription will be cancelled.
  2. To pause or cancel your subscription, go to “My Account” on our website. Click on “Subscriptions,” then select “View” next to the active subscription.  On the next page, click “Pause/Cancel Subscription”. You can also edit your address with this method.
  3. Enjoy your magical Wrapunzel surprise each month and remember to share photos – get excited!!!


What’s in the package? Can I make requests? Each month will feature a new limited-edition Wrapunzel scarf and accessories not available on the store. We are not able to take requests, but will hand-pick something really fabulous! Some variation may occur within the accessories, but in general, the items will be the same for each subscriber.

When will my subscription order ship? The Scarf of the Month subscription will process like a regular order. And thanks to our super speedy packing team, most orders go out within 1 business day!

When does my subscription renew? A renewal order will generate every month on the same day (e.g. if you subscribe on April 3, your subscription will renew on May 3 and then June 3, etc.). You will receive an email when the renewal order is generated and when your payment is due. If you had signed up for automatic payments (see above), the order will automatically process and be shipped out.

What if I don’t like the scarf I receive? Can I return it and get my money back? We apologize, but we cannot accept returns on any of the Scarf of the Month items. If the scarf or accessory is not to your taste, share the Wrapunzel love and gift it to a friend!

I live outside the U.S. – can I still subscribe? YES, we are super happy and excited to offer this subscription to our international customers as well!!

Is shipping included? Shipping fees are not included in the subscription price. In order to be able to offer the subscription worldwide, the shipping charges are separate and based on your location.

Can I order two subscriptions? We curate one kit for each calendar month, so it will not be worthwhile to subscribe twice (unless you specifically want to receive 2 of the same scarf/accessories every month). If you would like to gift an additional subscription to a friend, please create two separate orders and change the shipping address of the gift subscription during checkout. Our system will renew each subscription with the corresponding shipping address.

Help! I have another question that wasn’t covered here. We also made an FAQ video, so check it out to see if we answered your question there. If we didn’t, please contact us! We would be happy to answer any question that you have.

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