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Solid Pashminas ~ SUMMER COLORS!

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Pashminas… the basic building blocks of any self respecting tichel collection! Until recently, we only had them for you in gorgeous rich colors – perfect for chillier weather.  Now we have them for you in gorgeous summer shades… the lighter colors reflect the sun, keeping you nice and cool!

Check out how to wrap this super cool summer ‘do here!

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Product Description

Pashminas… the basic building blocks of any self respecting tichel collection!  Until recently, we only had them for you in gorgeous rich colors – perfect for chillier weather.  Now we have them for you in gorgeous summer shades… the lighter colors reflect the sun, keeping you nice and cool!


Dimensions: 68″ x 28″

Additional Information

Weight .38 lbs
Color Choices

Apple Green, Dark Yellow, Electric Neon Pink, Gold Neutral, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Light Yellow, Lilac, Mint, Orange, Peach, Silvery Neutral, Sky Blue, Smokey Blue, Soft Pink, Soft Purple, Taupe, White

12 reviews for Solid Pashminas ~ SUMMER COLORS!

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    You can get beautiful colored pashminas at discount clothing stores like TJMaxx but these are by far the best you can find. They are the perfect softness and thickness. They are the right length and are so smooth for folding for your preferred style. I got two to start and grabbed another on sale.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Don’t let the seasonal name fool you! These are fabulous year round. If your best color just happens to be in this section, wear it!

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I ordered 2 of these, one white and one smokey blue. They are so soft and great quality! I got lots of compliments! love it! will definitely get more! I highly recommend these

  4. 4 out of 5


    I have determined that I am not a pashmina-wearer. But these are very nice! I was looking for a base scarf in a true light pink, and this color is beautiful. I find it to heavy to combine with other scarves. This scarf does not have any stretch, which I do prefer. But I do find it is nearly impossible to wrap this scarf too tightly since it doesn’t have stretch. So that’s a plus. And it is a good length for my big head!

  5. :

    Because these are exactly the same as the solid pashminas, I will repeat my review for that product, because the quality is exactly the same. I am glad that these new colours are available, and just like the solid pashminas, I was able purchase some beautiful colours. I will say that I would not wear these in the warmer months, but other ladies may feel comfortable doing so.

    For me, these are the underrated scarves, and often get forgotten among the fancier pashminas with patterns, and sparkles. Then I come back to these and remember the beauty in the simplicity of the solid pashminas. They are elegant on their own, perfect for adding pins, sashes, headbands, and for the more skilled wrappers, layering other scarves. The many beautiful colours add many possibilities to your wrapping experience.

  6. :

    Love mixing my pashminas with my shimmeries~ they are the main base of my tichel wardrobe

  7. :

    Combine these with literally whatever you want and you’re 98 percent certain to get something interesting and beautiful. Seriously, love solid pashminas. Some days all I wear is a solid pashmina with a headband or a pin.

  8. :

    I am very happy with my summer colour pashminas (gold neutral and apple green). The quality has already been described. The colours are very beautiful. I love especially the gold neutral, the colour is very becoming for a light teint and so elegant. The apple green is simply full of love of life – spring time feeling.

  9. :

    I am very happy with the summer color pashminas. I have sky blue, mint and Kelly green so far and have an order for white, silvery neutral and lilac. Even though it is over 100°f where I live, pashminas are my favorite go too everyday tichel. I stay cool and beautifully wrapped in my pashminas. I get tons of compliments on them everyday. I work swing shift and am frequently tired because I’m up till all hours of the morning so don’t have a lot of time most weekdays to get ready. I wrap my pashminas in the regal wrap most of the time because it is quick, off my neck and looks great. But they give me flexibility to chose other styles as well. I wrap them with one tail down, turban style and also love the Shira tails which just plain makes me so comfortable. I have disc disease in my neck and almost always have moderate to severe neck pain. The shira tails wrap actually lessens some of the pain in my neck by keeping cold breezes from central air conditioning off my neck when I am having severe pain. Pashminas are so easy to manipulate. Whether you want pleats or a more streamlined look. I love adding a sari scarf or sash, lace sash or my other headbands. You cannot go wrong with pashminas.

  10. :

    I like Pashminas. They have very rich colors.
    Even though they are very dense they are surprisingly light and definitely the number one choice for a base scarf.
    I like they can be worn alone if I have no time to play with different wrapping techniques, because their long fringes themselves add a spark.
    Being a busy mom, it takes me just 2 min to wrap it on, and add a pin! If I am in a rush and don’t even put a nonslip headband underneath and the scarf stays on for a long time! Highly recommended!

  11. :

    These new spring colors are gorgeous. I love my pashminas in cooler weather. They’re amazing on their own or layered with 2-in-1s and sashes. I find that the turban regal wrap with a twist looks best with a pashmina as does the assymetrical twist wrap- the density of the pashmina allows the twists to really show. But I also love doing basic wraps with them, like the turban wrap or the regal wrap.

  12. :

    Wrapunzel pash=soft and stretchy! The description about being the building blocks of covering is right. I have a blue one I have paired with two spring flower pattern scarves, and I have worn it in non-tichel head covering ways too. Wear the pash alone with an accessory or combine with a lighter scarf!

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