Crowning Glory Scarf

Just as its name suggests, this scarf features the most majestic border we’ve ever seen! Fold it just so and it will make a regal crown for your wrap. Absolutely stunning and perfect for a holiday, wedding, or special event!


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Adorned with a gorgeous shimmering border, our Crowning Glory Scarf is a head-turning beauty. Sometimes you need a scarf that’s dramatic, regal, elegant, a real showstopper… this is the one! It’s made of a very light chiffon-like base with a glorious, golden glitter-embellished twist down each of the long sides. Try this tutorial to learn out how to fold it so that it will form a crown when you wrap. You’ll feel like a queen every time you put it on!


Note: This scarf is delicate, so you may need to take a little extra care when storing or wearing it. Try to keep the fabric away from velcro and small hooks/clasps to avoid snags. The embellished border is sensitive to aggressive wear as well. You can use hairspray or a fine layer of diluted fabric glue to set the glittery border if you are worried about shedding.

Dimensions: 74″ x 33″

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