Israeli Tichel Surprise Set


Surprise! Made to our specifications by our seamstresses in India, our cotton Israeli Tichels are perpetually popular. We always try to keep our classic solid-colored Gold, Silver and Rainbow Threads versions around – but we sometimes receive some extra-special limited edition patterns too! From stars to rainbow tie-dye, they’re often gorgeous but usually only arrive in small quantities. With only a few of each type, we can’t sell them separately, so we decided to make an AMAZING bargain deal – three hand-picked Israeli Tichels for only $25!


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What’s better than beautiful, affordable lightweight cotton square scarves with sparkle threads (aka Israeli Tichels)? How about THREE of them for only $25? Introducing our Israeli Tichel Surprise Set! These gorgeous square scarves feature beautiful patterns and dyes – from stars, paisley and tie-dye to simple, classy solids – all with the traditional Israeli Tichel sparkly lurex threads. Just like our other popular Israeli Tichels (Garden, Vintage, and Rainbow/Silver/Gold Threads)! Made of soft, lightweight cotton, they’re ideal for workouts, hot weather, or layering. You can double them up, use them as sashes, tie them in a simple kerchief style, or make them into an elaborate ‘do! Check out a ton of amazing square scarf tutorials here.

Note: We are not able to honor color requests due to limited stock – but rest assured that we will do our best to pick a set that you will LOVE! For an idea of what you might receive, check out the photos in the gallery above.


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