London Calling Scarf


Featuring a sweeping, gorgeous botanical print, this scarf is a cosmopolitan beauty that’s sure to please!


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We were mesmerized by the swirling floral print of vines and blooms on this deep navy scarf. Upon opening it fully for the first time, we were completely surprised by the single word “London” printed once at one of the short edges! An unexpected ode to the UK, the flowers we now realize remind us of the thistles and gorse of the British moor. The London Calling Scarf will make a beautiful gift for a traveler, or for anyone with a love affair with flora and fauna. If you prefer the text not to show, try a Beginner’s Luck with the printed side wrapped around your bun, or a tails-up Regal Wrap or Yael Twist! You’ll love the flattering deep navy of the background and the dramatic pattern (which looks even more amazing when wrapped than when on the shelf!).


Dimensions: 70″ x 39″
100% acrylic

Additional information

Weight .36 lbs
Dimensions 70 x 39 in


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