Make it Yours Scarf


There’s something meditative about the different patterns on this elegant scarf. It’s easy to fold or pleat in order to choose which print you want to feature! Beautiful and customizable, this scarf is just waiting for you to make it yours.


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At first glance, our Make it Yours Scarf appears to be made from a basic black-and-white monochrome fabric. Take a closer look and you’ll see that each pattern is actually delicately shaded with olive green to give a hint of color and dimension! Little tassels in black and green along each of the shorter edges of the scarf complete the look. This scarf looks amazing on its own, but it’s also great with bright accessories. Try a colorful pin or headband like our Bright Idea Headband (in the photo) if you want to add some verve! We love the large blocks of pattern throughout the fabric – each one slightly different from those next to it. From tiny pixels to mazelike boxes and abstract designs, they all offer a different opportunity to fold and layer your wrap into something extraordinary! But even in a simple Regal Wrap with no fancy folding, the variety of designs will make your wrap look special and different every time. It’s truly a win-win!


Dimensions: 70″ x 35″
100% viscose

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Weight.32 lbs


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