Ombre Sparkle 2 in 1s

Oh, what a beautiful day!  These tichels will love you… they are super friendly!  Easy to wrap, lovely sparkle, and an ombre effect.  Wear it on its own, or layer it up!


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We love any scarf that can make tons of magical looks possible – and our Ombre Sparkle 2-in-1s are winners for that! They’re lightweight, gloriously sparkly, and full of color. A simple wrap will look stunning and complicated with no extra effort! Combine them with another light scarf like a classic 2 in 1 for even more amazing possibilities – braids, twists, and layers are a fantastic way to showcase the blend of colors!

Dimensions: 70″x25″
100% Viscose

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20 reviews for Ombre Sparkle 2 in 1s

  1. Lila

    I have this scarf in several colors, and I ADORE it! Its pretty much my go-to if I just need to toss something on but still have some shine and polish. Wraps like a dream and never disappointing!

  2. Gigi B.

    I LOVE this scarf! I have it in purple. Its thin, light, and not bulky at all which makes it very versatile. Easy and comfortable to layer, but wide enough to be used alone. Its sheer, so I always have something on under it. It looks elaborate and feels light as a feather.

  3. Chanah

    These are very comfortable, and more breathable than the original 2 in 1. These were really good to wear in the summer with a lot of options when tying, folding an twisting to achieve different looks according to the various colours in each scarf. In the cooler weather, they work very nicely as pretty sashes with pashminas. The sparkle in it can be dressed up or down.

    I am pleased to see that new colours are being introduced, and hope to see more.

    I would definitely recommend this as a basic scarf.

  4. Rose

    I actually prefer this to my regular two in ones as a base scarf – it is just as light but seems less fragile and holds up to my sometimes rough or clumsy handling. When wearing it on its own or as a top layer, the mix of colours (I have the purples) is beautiful and there is nothing easier than a simple twisted tail wrapped around the bun, showing off the complimentary shades and gently sparkling like a crown!

  5. Tikva Seinfeld

    These 2&1 are awesome! They layer beautifully with any scarf and add a little sparkle!

  6. Sarah

    I bought these in the blues, purples, browns, and the teal. The only one that I didn’t like was the brown – it just wasn’t a good color on me, but I love all the rest. I get the most use out of the black/white/teal one. It is so pretty and I find that it can look great with a weekday outfit as much as with a shabbos outfit.

  7. Loraleigh

    I simply love these Tichels! Although my skin tone is olive (with some yellow undertones{and the gold shimmery would go waaaaaay better [hint]) and silver doesn’t exactly compliment I have gotten soooo many compliments on the purple and teal/white/black ombres. So I wear them on the average of at least 2 times a week. Yes I have a few other Tichels, yes I wear them as well, but let’s face it, when you get as many compliments about you scarf you want to wear it often as possible and-might I add, feeling beautiful while doing so.

  8. Amy

    I love that anything you buy from wrapunzel, you know is going to be great quality. I love the ombre effect as it makes it look like multiple scarves, the sparkle adds just the perfect touch. I have this in the purples and I love it, paired with a solid or on its own. Beautiful

  9. Rachel S

    How could you go wrong with a sparkly ombre tichel? I have the purple as well as the tan ones, and they are gorgeous, light, and easy to wrap! These work especially well as a beautiful, light summer tichel…the ombre gives the look of layers without the added weight or heat.

  10. Maggie

    I have the purple and the teal/black/white. They are thin like a 2 in 1 but still opaque. The bands of color make them perfect for pleating. I wore one yesterday and my friend was convinced it was three scarves and not one! There is no better scarf for looking like you’re wearing multiple scarves and still keeping your wrap lightweight.

  11. rachel.leiba.schwartz

    I love this scarf for a fancy look! The sparkles are subtle but beautiful. It layers nicely with other scarves and also looks beautiful on its own! It is lightweight and easy to wrap

  12. Sharhonda Jackson

    O to the M to the G. How can you go wrong with a 2 in 1 of any kind?? …then you add SPARKLE! I love the bling feeling it gives me without actually wearing bling. It’s soft and just makes you feel beautiful. If you don’t have one(or twenty one) then you’re missing out!

  13. Tia

    I got this is in purple and it is just SO pretty.
    It is extremely easy to work with, the right thickness and doesn’t slip at all, which is awesome.
    I can’t wait to get them in other colours, I simply love the way they look.

  14. Jackie

    Oh wow!!! I’m in love. I bought black/white/teal, and it really does look like 3 scarves on my head (even fooled my husband!). It’s so perfect for when you want that look but just don’t have the time, and it’s thin enough to layer and wear with other scarves too, which I haven’t even tried yet because it’s so gorgeous on its own.

  15. hassiba67

    Usually, I do not care for sparkles and I bought my ombres due to the gigi tutorial (brown and blues). But these are really very beautiful and the sparkle does not shine out too much. I combined the brown one in a gigi wrap with the gold neutral pashima and my best friend told me that it looked very formal, businesslike and elegant. I will certainly try that out next time for a more formal occasion.

  16. Kerry R.

    These are amazing! I’m definitely going to be getting one in every color. I’m a one scarf kind of girl and these make you look as if you’re wearing 2 or 3! I get so many compliments when wearing these. They are light and easy to wrap, you cant go wrong by ordering one or them all 🙂

  17. Naomi S.

    I love these 2-in-1s! These are my new favorite tichels, because they are light-weight, colorful, and they sparkle. Since they are the same length as a regular 2-in-1, mixing and matching has never been easier. I recommend owning them in every color. 😀

  18. Angelynda Orah

    this is my first 2 i 1 tichel and i love it !!! i ot thr purple colors and get such complements on how lovely it is. i will get more in different colors very soon.

  19. Katie

    This is my very first tichel and I was intimidated to buy it thinking it might looks silly on me. Oh my this is so pretty and so easy to wrap. I used it with the Wendy volumizer and I adore it. just love it.

  20. Nava C.

    I absolutely love the teal/black/white one I just bought. It’s so pretty and comfy to wear! And being longer than the other (non-sparkly) ombre 2-in-1s, it’s very easy to wrap. Would love to have more of these. Maybe the browns next, or the orange/green (I’m thinking fall colors already!).

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