Rainbow Road Scarf


Nothing makes for more magical possibilities than a scarf with all the colors of the rainbow! Your creative, artistic spirit will embrace this soft, elegant pashmina with its gorgeous ombre spectrum of hues.

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There’s just something about a rainbow scarf – we can’t seem to get enough of them! This one is a sister to our Signature Scarf, with soft middle-weight fabric that is just a dream to wrap. With no overlaid pattern, the colors blend simply and beautifully into one another. The reverse side is a more muted rainbow, showing the color of the weft threads (blue for the brighter version and lilac for the pastel). You’ll love all the possibilities – pleat it or layer it just so to create tons of different looks. Every wrap style will be a unique creation! For an extra-special touch, add a sparkly accessory like our Riverbed Gems Headband, shown above.


Dimensions: 72″ x 28″
50% viscose, 50% acrylic

Additional information

Weight .32 lbs
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