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This tichel is a tribute to every woman facing cancer. Named for our dear friend Ronit, this tichel, one of her favorites, comes with a Certificate of Appreciation for you to give to a loved one.  100% of the profits from this scarf will go to The Jewish Caring Network, a non profit organization that gives help and support to families facing  acute illness. Read the description below to hear more about Ronit, The Jewish Caring Network and the Certificate of Appreciation.

Scroll down to read more about Ronit.

(*note: this scarf is the pink one that you see on Rivka Malka.  Does not include sash.)

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You may recognize this soft, rich headscarf as a Lakeshore Bliss, but it has a story all it’s own.

For every woman who is going through cancer treatments this is for you. So often we get emails saying, I’m not Jewish, but I’m struggling with cancer etc… and I love your scarves.

We want you to know that we are here for you. We welcome you, we feel for you and we honor you for the sheer grit it takes to get through each day.

Our friend Ronit has been battling cancer for three years. We have seen her in periods of hope and moments of terrible pain. She doesn’t consider herself a hero, but when we speak with her we are lifted up by her determination to keep the darkness away.

Ronit herself is light. Our weekly visits to Ronit have become more than visiting the sick, they have become powerful moments of connection and growth. Often, she will ask us a question, from her bed, “What is your favorite sound?” Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

She pulls out of the mundane and into a place where we can experience something deeper, a new kind of love. No matter what we answer, her eyes shine and she nods her head. Sometimes she’s not feeling well enough to speak, and that’s okay too.

Once, early on in her diagnosis, we attended a prayer gathering on her behalf and we asked Ronit, “What message should we give to  the women? She said, “Tell them, they don’t have to do great things.

Tell them, that the greatest thing they can do is to increase the love in their homes – to be kind to their children, to appreciate their husbands, to be good to themselves.”

In honor of her message, we created a card for you to give to your loved one. The text reads –


Have I told you how much I appreciate you? My life wouldn’t be complete if you weren’t in it. I notice everything you do and I’m so grateful for the gift that is you. You inspire me. I may not have told you enough, so I’m telling you today.

Thank you for who you are.

Love, _____________

Note – You can also get more of these cards here

If you would like to daven (pray) for Ronit, her name is Ronit bat Hadassa Esther.  Thank you – every prayer is infinitely powerful!

The Jewish Caring Network  has been helping Ronit and her family throughout all this. You can learn more  about their incredible work here.  (Click on the link, you won’t believe what they do.)

Card of Appreciation Wrapunzel


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9 reviews for Ronit Scarf

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I was blessed to receive this tichel as an anonymous gift (seriously…if you sent it to me, fess up so I can properly thank you!). I’ll first say that I absolutely hate pink. I don’t own any pink scarves. I don’t own any pink clothes. This scarf, though…it is really something else. The color is so vibrant, I don’t think “pink” when I put it on. This scarf makes me super happy (as does the generosity of the person who sent it – how did you know I’d love this?).

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    So pretty. Depending on the light you get an array of looks with this Tichel.

  3. I love my Ronit so much. It is super comfy and looks amazing!

  4. I love my Ronit. It has rich, vibrant colors and looks luxurious. It’s cozy and soft. It’s easy to wrap. The Ronit is just wonderful!

  5. Soft, thick, easy to fold, made a great gift for my cousin!

  6. This is a lovely dark fushia color, it looks a little darker in person than it does in the photos. I’m new to tying tichel and this is by far the easiest I have to wrap, it’s light and not overly bulky for a pashmina. This should work nicely for all but the warmest few months in upstate New york

  7. Same scarf as the lakeshore bliss which in itself makes this a 5 star tichel 😉 So soft and easy to fold and tie…only comment I have is that it’s a cooler pink than it appears in the picture. Here it looks a lot redder (at least to me) than it actually is.

  8. Just as soft as the Lakeshore bliss, and easy to wrap. This is such a lovely colour (a purpley/ pink). What really feels good about purchasing this one, is not only receiving a beautiful scarf, it is knowing that you are giving tzedaka. (I also really like the appreciation card that comes with this.)

  9. There are no words for the wonders of this tichel. I am in love! It is soft, easy to wrap, lays well on your head and lightweight. The beautiful hit of color on this gives you so many options in what outfit to wear. It needs nothing with it. I wore it alone and felt so special. But when you pair it with a pin, whoa…..step back and watch all the beauty. I plan to buy more as gifts seeing this is also allowing the buyer to give tzedaka to a wonderful cause.

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