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Hand made by our talented seamstress, exclusively for you! We’ve been waiting so long for these!!!  They are just as beautiful and unique as the Sari Scarves but are half the width and much easier to work with!

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Introducing Sari Sashes!

We’ve been waiting so long for these Sari Sashes!  They are just as beautiful and unique as our Sari Scarves, but have 5 strips of fabric and are, therefore, half the width. Sari Sashes are so easy to work with, and they add so much to your wrap! They are quite lightweight – perfect for wearing during all seasons of the year and also ideal for layering! If you are a beginner to saris, then these sashes are a great place to start. We can’t get over how incredible they are and we can’t wait for you to try them for yourself!

Wrapping Tips

Sari Sashes can be incorporated into your wrap the same way as any other sash. Since these sashes are much longer than most other sashes, they are amazing for layering! Pair your Sari Sash with your favorite solid-colored scarf, such as a pashmina or 2 in 1, for a quick and easy wrap that will look elegant and sophisticated. Check out this video for visual instructions on how you can wear your Sari Sash. For an added twist, use your sari sash to create the zig-zag wrap!



Dimensions: 79″ x 6″

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11 reviews for Sari Sashes

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah Brown (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of all of Wrapunzel’s sari scarf styles, but I’ve definitely fallen in love with the sari sashes – their smaller size makes them perfect to combine with other scarves without being bulky and awkward.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donna Miles (verified owner)

    Oh my, I love the sari sash. So light and classy. As it’s very hot and humid where I live, I use a simple two-in-one scarf beneath, then wrap the scarf over it. Looks like I’ve been working all morning, it it takes less than 3 minutes. I am hoping to order several more. Thanks for offering this amazing sash.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Candice K-W

    Oh. My. Goodness! Sari sashes have become my new best friend! So many colors and hues and the texture is excuisite! I purchased a couple,e color variations, but my favorite is teal. It has blues, teals, greens. It’s like having the colors of the beautiful sea wrapped into a tichel! With so many colors in each intricate and beautifully sewn sari, there’s truly no end to what type of scarf you can pair this with. It made me feel like an elegant, lovely woman. Every woman should be made to feel as precious and elegant as this scarf makes you look!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alyssa (verified owner)

    Wow, this sash is such a unique item. Very happy with it. This would be a great gift for anyone!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    a_hillock (verified owner)

    The Sari Sash has landed! I just received the 4 I ordered: pink, aqua, green, and jungel mix. I will admit I was on the fence on these but now that they are here and I can touch and move them I over the moon for them. The colors are rich and vibrant. The fabric is soft and luxurious. I cannot get over the beauty and the indivuality of these little wonders. If you are like me and are wondering how these can possibly be as fabulous as everyone says trust me they are!!!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    April (verified owner)


  7. Jocelyn

    I love sari sashes. To me they re the perfect width to add as an accent without being too busy. Can’t wait for you to carry them again.

  8. lady_aelflaed

    These little sashes are awesome! So light and airy, super easy to tie, they make a plain scarf look like a million bucks (and an hour of futzing) without adding any extra weight or bulk. And the description is right, they found exactly the right one for me. How did you know green is my favorite color? I asked for one that would go nicely with a Ronit, and it’s perfect, but it will also look fantastic with my olive green New Israeli tichel for summer time!

  9. mikenhaanderson

    I have a Taupe Sari sash and an Aqua Sari sash and they are wonderful. I have also gifted a sari sash to my mother in law and she fell in love with them too!

  10. Daniela N.

    I have a sari sash in a neutral color that I have been able to pair with all my basic color scarves. I suggest ordering a sari sash in the same color family you have most of your solid basics in. It’s worth purchase when you want something nice, but you don’t want to deal with major bulk.

  11. panatheprincess

    Although I have a number of Sari Scarves, I just received my first Sari Sash this morning. It’s Gorgeous!!!! Super easy to tie ~ took like 30 seconds to create an awesome wrap over a 2 in 1. Lighter than the scarves, it’s going to be soooo perfect for those hot summer days. Another Wrapunzel Wonder!!!!! 🙂 I need MORE!!!!!!

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