Seaside Breeze Scarf

This soft scarf reminds us of soaring gulls, gentle sands and the subtle blues of the ocean on a cloudy day. Adorned with flourishing, oversized patterns, the effect is subtle when wrapped, allowing the beautiful palette of hues to take center stage.


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Our Seaside Breeze Scarf features large, elaborate mandalas printed across a delicately-colored background. The palette of ocean hues is so flattering – choose from blues and browns, or cream and coral – each with a handful of other soft hues thrown in among the patterns for contrast. You can pleat the fabric to feature different parts of the pattern in different places of your wrap, making for lots of unique looks with just one scarf! Nature-inspired jewelry like our Root of Wisdom Earrings makes for a beautiful pairing. Wear this scarf when you need peace of mind, and remember the relaxing and contemplative sound of waves meeting the shore.


Dimensions: 70″ x 34″
100% Viscose

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