Soft Simplicity Scarf


Simple, pretty, and easy to coordinate with almost any color or outfit type, this dreamy cotton-blend scarf will become a go-to!
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A light and breezy scarf just perfect for warm weather! Soft Simplicity features a beautiful print of tiny flowers on a white background. It’s a cotton blend, so it’s easy to wrap and has lovely texture, perfect for newbie wrappers or summer outings! The floral pattern is subtle and not over-the-top, so it makes a great one-scarf wrap, and also matches lots of solids – it’s light enough to layer easily with your favorite color in a second scarf or sash (try a Tuff 2 in 1 or a classic 2 in 1). Add a bit of sparkle with some jewelry, like our Hidden Gems Earrings featured above, or a pretty pin, and you’re ready for anything the day brings!


Dimensions: 72″ x 35″
20% Cotton  80% Viscose

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