Uber Pouf Shaper


There are those who like volume. And then, there are those who like VOLUME!!!! If you are in the latter category, this shaper is for you! Based on the style of our  Wendy Beret Volumizer, our new Uber-Pouf Shaper has even more space for stuffing, for truly majestic wrapping possibilities! With Wrapunzel’s best no-slip velvet and the same light, cool fabric and stuffing as the Wendy, it’s light as air despite its size.

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All of our shapers have some “pouf.” But there’s only one UBER POUF! Our newest Uber Pouf Shaper is easy to wear and suitable for any hair length or style – no need for any fancy (and time-consuming) bun-making! Simply pull it on like a hat, just like the Wendy Beret Volumizer. With a completely adjustable volume pocket, you can remove or add stuffing to your satisfaction – just use the hidden inner opening just inside the velvet band! The velvet is the same famously high-quality cap-style tapered band used on the Cloud9, perfect for keeping everything comfortable and in place all day long. To concentrate the volume higher, lower, or more to the sides of your head, simply shape it with your hands after putting the volumizer on, and then tie your scarf over the top to hold everything in place just the way you like it. With so much stuffing and volume to work with, you truly have a huge range of possibilities with this shaper!

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