Wrapunzel Melody Scarf


Our famous Sari Scarves are a class of tichel all their own – beautiful, unique, and forever popular! The Wrapunzel Harmony Scarf, sister to the classic sari, came next – a sari-style scarf that covers your whole head! Now there’s a new addition to the sari family: the Wrapunzel Melody!

Just like its relatives, the Melody is handmade in India using recycled strips of sari fabric in lovely varied colors and patterns. Like the Harmony, it’s a long rectangular scarf, wide enough to cover the head in one tie. What makes it unique? The gorgeous strips of fabric in the Melody are sewn edge-to-edge rather than overlapping each other, in a beautiful, smooth single line (hence its name, inspired by a single line of connected musical notes!). The resulting flat piece of fabric is much less bulky when tying, and features a wider strip of each color than an original sari or Harmony! Each one is completely one-of-a-kind, eye-catching, and incredibly beautiful.

Please see the full product description below for more information, plus directions for choosing a color for your Wrapunzel Melody!

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Our Wrapunzel Melody Scarf is composed of flat pieces of recycled sari fabric, sewn together at the edges to form one long, rectangular scarf. The material is the same bold, beautiful, varied fabric as our other sari family scarves, but the effect is totally different! You’ll enjoy how the Melody is more similar in feel to a traditional scarf, making for lots of fun tying possibilities. With slightly more of each piece of fabric to display compared to a traditional sari, it’s easy to feature your favorite strips. Try folding the scarf under, pleating the fabric, or using the same tricks you would use to show off a fancy border on a traditional scarf!

What’s the best wrap style for the Wrapunzel Melody? Any of your favorites will do! Just use any tutorial that works for a long, rectangular scarf. From a Regal Wrap to a beautiful Yael Twist, they’ll all look great!


Ordering Information

We have divided our Melody Scarves into general categories for easy ordering.  Click on a color from the drop down list to see its corresponding photo. The photos we have here display a sampling of that particular color category.  After you select the color(s) you want, click the “Add to Cart” button! You can let us know about any specific color or design requests by leaving a note with your order in the order notes box during checkout. The order notes box is right below the section where you enter your shipping information. We will do our best when packing to find the perfect one for you from our stock! Please note that the Melody you receive may not be one that you see in the photo, since each one is unique.

Dimensions: 78″ x 20″

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